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Basel, Northwest, Switzerland
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Master MMD, Master in Medicines Development (MMD) - Das Studium


The Master programme offers the possibility to obtain a postgraduate Master in Medicines Development (MMD) at the University of Basel both for physicians as well as all other pharmaceutical professionals concerned with the development of medicines from molecule to market place. The MMD programme extends the six modules of the Diploma Course.

The programme is designed and organised by the European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine ECPM together with other Universities throughout Europe and other health care partner organisations. ECPM collaborates with a science-driven and highly experienced international Faculty including a network of experts in pharmaceutical medicine and medical product development sciences.

The MDD is composed of three parts:
  • The ECPM Diploma Course (30 ECTS)
  • Master Modules (20 ECTS)
  • Master Thesis (10 ECTS)
Master MMD, Master in Medicines Development (MMD) - Target audience

Target audience

The MMD programme is targeted at representatives from industry, service industry, academic and government decision- and policy-makers who already have a good grounding in the basics of drug development and will benefit from a more in-depth, comprehensive and systematic immersion into modern medical product development, regulation and market introduction.

  • To cover the entire medical product lifecycle – from molecule to the marketplace.
  • To enable application of innovative methods, tools and strategies that best utilise recent scientific advances and technologies to medical and biomedical product design, development, regulatory review and postmarketing activities.
  • To stimulate an insight into pitfalls and possibilities of drug research and development.
  • To address real world challenges encountered during the development, manufacture, review and commercialisation of a medicinal product.
  • To train the future leaders and integrators for medical product development.
  • To understand future directions in global pharmaceutical and health economics and business environments, and implications for product development and evaluation.
  • To provide university, regulatory and industry professionals with a platform and network for the discussion of central issues concerning medicines development and new therapies.
Master MMD, Master in Medicines Development (MMD) - Emphasis/Curriculum


ECPM Diploma Course:
  • Global Drug Development and Pharmaceutical Business Environment
  • From Non-Clinical Testing to First-in-Humans
  • Planning, Collecting and Managing Clinical Data
  • Clinical and Safety Data Evaluation
  • Global Registration and Approval Process
  • Integrated Product Development, Healthcare Marketplace and Marketing
Master Modules:
  • Frontiers in Drug Development
  • Health Economics
  • Ethical and Legal Aspects
  • Life Sciences Leadership
  • Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical Trial Practices
  • Project Management in Medicines Development
  • Presentation and Communication Skills
  • Scientific Communication
  • Scientific Medical Writing
  • E-learning: Health Economics; Drug Safety and
    Pharmacovigilance; Personalized Health Care
  • Other Courses
Master Thesis:
The Master Thesis can be developed during the Master Programme. A topic can either be chosen from a list or can be suggested by the participants and relates if possible to the candidates work or interest. The topic of the thesis has to be approved by the Faculty. The written report covers the work done within the scope of the thesis. The text should not exceed 40 pages. The thesis (including preparation for the final examination) should be completed within four semesters based on part-time study. The final thesis has to be handed in two months before the final examination. The thesis may be started individually.

Admission/Entrance requirements

Tuition Fee:
The tuition fee for the entire MMD Programme amounts to CHF 17,500 plus the costs of the 20 ECTS of the elective modules, which needs to be paid to the individual course provider.


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The European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine ECPM is the leading university institute for medicines/drug development in Europe. In the last 22 years more than 1600 experts from pharmaceutical and biotech industries, service industry, clinical researchers and governmental policy-makers in integrated medical product development, regulation and market introduction have successfully completed our postgraduate training courses.

The Institute of Pharmaceutical Medicine (ECPM) emerged from the European Center of Pharmaceutical Medicine which has been established in 1991 through a collaboration of EUCOR, the European Confederation of the Upper Rhine Universities Basel, Freiburg im Breisgau and Strasbourg with the pharmaceutical industry. Since February 2009, ECPM is a full institute of the University of Basel. It forms part of the Medical Faculty and is a member of the Department of Public Health.

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