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The programme is offered in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering.

Representatives of industry have expressed a great demand for a part-time training program to retrain the existing professional engineering work force in software engineering. Therefore, the DISC has developed a high-quality part-time distance program in "Software Engineering for Embedded Systems". The program imparts theoretical scientific background knowledge as well as practical methods, techniques, and tools that equip the engineer to deal with management issues on the one hand, and software development for embedded systems issues on the other hand:
  • The program represents the state-of-the-art in software engineering for embedded systems.
  • It has been developed by international top experts in the SE domain, who are both high-ranking researchers and are recognized in industry because of their extensive practical experiences.
High Demand for Software Engineering Practitioners
Today, traditionally hardware-dominated product domains are increasingly turning into software-dominated ones. Many of the companies and organizations in these transitional domains still employ mostly traditional engineers without a profound education and training in software and software engineering.
Software engineering focuses on:
  • the specification of system structure and behavior,
  • the implementation of these specifications,
  • the activities required in order to assure that the specifications have been met,
  • the development of such systems over space (distributed development, subcontracting) and time evolution, maintenance.
The increasing complexity of software, the rising demand for secure and high quality software in embedded systems, and the constant change and development of new software engineering methods, techniques, and tools make it necessary that engineers in the embedded systems domain (e.g., automotive, medical and military) receive additional education in software engineering.

Target audience

The distance education program is designed for professionals working in the field of software development who need to acquire advanced knowledge of emerging technologies and who wish to broaden their software engineering skills by pursuing graduate level education in software engineering.

The program targets three kinds of graduates with a special emphasis on the first one:
  • graduates of engineering disciplines such as electrical, mechanical and industrial engineering,
  • graduates of IT disciplines such as computer science and business informatics, and
  • graduates of non-engineering disciplines: mathematics and physics


Study contents

1. Semester:
  • Software Engineering Introduction
  • Software Development for Embedded Systems
  • Project Management
2. Semester:
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Product Line Engineering
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Architectures for Embedded Software Systems
  • Software Development Studio (Part 1)
3. Semester:
  • Component-based Software Development
  • Model-based Component Engineering
  • Dependability Engineering
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Component-based Software Development
  • Software Development Studio (Part 2)
4. Semester: Master Thesis

Admission/Entrance requirements

Total fees approx.
€ 8660
The study fees for the distance learning program "Software Engineering for Embedded Systems" are EUR 1,950 per term. Added to this is a social contribution of EUR 90 per term. The one-off fee for the master's thesis is EUR 500. The study fees are not subject to German VAT and are tax-deductible.

Admission requirements:
  • Work experience:
    • a minimum of 2 years of employment in software development
    • ability to develop in a team
    • ability to perform work on a graduate level (related to current degree)
  • Formal requirements:
    • Graduate degree in an engineering discipline or
    • Graduate degree in computer science or
    • Graduate degree in mathematics or
    • Grauate degree in physics
If the concluded first study encloses less than 240 ECTS points or a shorter average period of study than eight semestres, an other appropriate occupation is to be proved for the successful end of the study. Further details regulate the examination regulations.

For the current application deadlines please visit Courses start of the beginning of October.


Language(s) of instruction: English
Going abroad: not possible


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